This question has been addressed in the smoking and vaping communities for numerous times. Can electronic cigarettes really help you stop smoking traditional cigarettes?

The simple answer is yes, no matter if million FDA and tobacco lobbyists run around screaming that it hasn’t been clinically proven and tested in laboratories. The answer is just yes. Of course there’s no absolute guarantee that you can immediately stop if you switch to vaping, but the chances are huge.

But before I tell you my story, let’s clear some things up. Tobacco is responsible for approximately 5 millions deaths per year all across the world. Many people try to stop smoking, but most of them fail miserably. Most smokers including myself have tried just about everything from patches and gums to chantex, but nothing really worked.

Nicotine is the main addictive ingredient of cigarettes. Switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones doesn’t mean that you must overcome your addiction to nicotine because e-cigarettes and vaporizers offer just a different way of consuming it.

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How e-cigarettes helped me quit smoking

I’ve smoked a pack of cigarettes per day for 15 years straight. I’m not proud of it, but I started smoking in primary school when I was about 12 years old.

marlboro cigaretteIt took me a decade to start seeing signs of what could become my future health problems, so I decided to quit. Most smokers know that this is easier said than done and I’ve soon realized that quitting smoking isn’t easy. It’s nearly impossible.

I have tried everything in my attempts of leaving smoking behind. At one point I was chewing two nicotine gums and smoking a cigarette at the same time.

Finally after numerous attempts, I thought about trying out e-cigarettes to see what’s all the fuss about them. I went straight to the nearby vaping store and bought a pack of low quality cigalikes made by a very unknown Chinese company. I have never tried an e-cigarette before, but I had my hopes very high. I went back home, smoked the last couple of cigarettes while the battery was getting charged, filled the cartridge with vanilla flavor e-liquid with 12mg of nicotine and started vaping.

My first experience with cigalikes was terrible unfortunately. I had to chain vape to get a similar throat hit that I was used of getting with tobacco cigarettes, and I only had enough motivation to vape for a couple of days before I went back to buy another pack of cigarettes. It just wasn’t the same feeling. The good thing was that combined with vaping I went from a pack a day to half pack a day and that’s what kept me motivated.

Note that cigalikes have come a long way since my first experience with them. They produce more vapor, more flavor, and can help smokers stop smoking easier than when I first started vaping. You can find the best cigalikes here.

I registered on several vaping forums and asked fellow vapers what went wrong. I always got the same answer. I was expecting to buy a cigarette, and I should know that I was buying an e-cigarette because e-cigarettes are different.

You can’t expect to get the same throat hit and you can’t expect to get the same sensation in your body after you inhale an e-cig. But you can expect to fulfill the needs for nicotine and you can expect to fulfill your needs of having something that produces smoke / vape in your hands.

With this in mind I decided to buy something more powerful than cigalikes and give e-cigarettes another try. I went to another larger vaping store and bought my first ever sub-ohm vape mod. It was a big step up in the vaping world and there aren’t many smokers who would switch from smoking to sub-ohm vaping immediately.

I came back home, charged the battery, filled the tank with e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine, made my first inhale, and this is where my 15 years long story of smoking cigarettes ended immediately.

I have never bought another pack of cigarettes after that. After a week of vaping I realized that traditional cigarettes stink very badly. I had zero cravings for cigarettes and they started to disgust me. Just for the sake of testing things out, I smoked my last cigarette after a week of vaping. It got me a headache and a terrible smell in my mouth. I was unaware of this terrible smell in all of my 15 years of smoking and I have no intentions of having it again.

What happened when I started vaping

  • After 3-7 days: My cravings for cigarettes were completely gone.
  • After 7-14 days: Cigarette smoke started to smell very bad.
  • After 1 month: I stopped coughing completely.
  • After 2 months: My cardio improved drastically.
  • After 3 months: I switched to e-liquid with just 3mg of nicotine.
  • After 6 months: I realized that I can get through the day without vaping.

What’s your story?

How did e-cigarettes help you stop smoking cigarettes? Share you story in the comments section down below!