It’s 10AM. You are in your office surrounded by coworkers. The only thing you think about is the fresh vapor of your favorite e-cigarette, but there’s still two more hours left before lunch time. You are getting nervous, stressed out, and your boss is already suspicious that you are going to the toilet three times per day just to vape.

Sounds familiar? Why don’t you transform yourself into a vaping ninja and master the stealth vaping technique?

stealth vaping techniques


Here are the five techniques that will make you a stealth vaping ninja in no time.

  1. Empty your lungs completely. Inhale, then inhale some air afterwards to fill your lungs completely. Make about ten shallow exhales and inhales, and then exhale completely.
  2. Inhale. Hold it 10-15 seconds and exhale very slowly.
  3. Inhale. Exhale into your sleeve.
  4. Inhale. Drop a pen under your desk. While picking up the pen, slowly exhale into the ground.
  5. Inhale. Exhale into direction of your coworker who owes you $20. Claim you didn’t do it.

Where to hide your e-cigarette?

Use duct tape and tap and stick it on the inside of your palm. If you can’t find the duct tape, simply hide it under your books, keyboard, in your pocket, or just claim it’s a pen that doesn’t work right now.