The vaping industry has skyrocketed in just a few years and it seems that it will continue to grow for at least a decade. It’s not a surprise that e-cigarettes are getting a lot of media attention (both good and bad), and new documentaries about vaping are popping out every month. Here’s the list of our favorite five vaping documentaries that you probably haven’t seen already, but you definitely should.

BBC horizon – E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?

Michael Mosley, a BBC journalist steps into the world of vaping, and tries to answer questions about vaping and its effects on health. He met some of the world’s top scientists researching effects of e-cigarettes (including Dr.Mark Travers, and Dr. Marcej Goniewicz), and even got an exclusive access to the British American Tobacco scientific department. If you want to quit smoking, and don’t know much about vaping yet, this BBC documentary will answer most of your questions. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find complete documentary online, but you can try searching for it on BBC website.

A billion lives

A billion lives is a 2016 documentary about smoking, the vaping revolution, and the many lies of the Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and media. It’s a true story about corruption among academics, doctors and government officials, and how they don’t really care about what’s best for people’s health. The title “a billion lives” is one of the most powerful titles we have ever seen; lobbyists and big corporations are willing to sacrifice billion lives that could be saved for nothing but money. It doesn’t matter if you vape or not, this documentary is an eye opener and it should be watched by everyone. We believe that A billion lives could play a big role in fighting against the FDA regulations in the near future. Highly recommended!

Beyond the cloud

Beyond the cloud is a film by Ghyslain Armand and Sébastien Duijndam who explore controversies of vaping by travelling to several countries of the world. It’s available on Youtube and you can start watching it right away.

E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

The “E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco is a quite new documentary released by The Fifth Estate in October 2016. It talks about how Big Tobacco is trying to get its own share of the pie in the vaping industry and what this means for the public health in Canada, the U.K. and the US.

Thank you for vaping

Thank you for vaping is a 2014 documentary about e-cigarettes. It presents well-balanced arguments from both sides, vapers, and pharma / tobacco industry. Unfortunately because it was published in 2014, it’s a little bit outdated already because vaping industry has grown drastically since then. You will hear a few biased statements from both sides, but that’s a standard when it comes to vaping.

What’s your favorite vaping documentary?

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