If you are are about to start your vaping journey and switch from smelly tobacco cigarettes to electronic ones, you are at the right place.

Just like most long time smokers, you probably have a hard time deciding which type of electronic cigarette to buy. Because let’s be real. There’s no rocket science behind cigarettes. You just grab a pack of cigarettes, and smoke it until it’s empty.

Electronic cigarettes are a completely different story. There are cartomizers, tanks, coils, batteries, rings, LCD screens, and every e-cigarette looks different.

Are you feeling confused? Don’t worry because this article will explain everything you need to know about the three different types of e-cigarettes.

Cigalike – 1st generation

Most newbies start their vaping journey with “Cig A Like” electronic cigarettes. They are small, light, and their design imitates the shape and feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The main advantage of this type is the simplicity and easiness of use. There’s also not much maintenance required with cigalikes, and that’s exactly what most new vapers who are in the process of switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs are looking for. Simply charge up the battery, screw on the cartomizer and you are good to go.

Cigalikes can be disposable or rechargeable. Disposable ones are good for a limited amount of puffs and that’s it. This means that you can’t recharge their batteries or replace their cartomizers. You can use them for a limited amount of puffs (equivalent to about 2 packs of cigarettes) and then you can throw them away.

cigalikeRechargeable cigalikes come in 2 pieces – one battery and one cartomizer. Some more advanced  e-cigarettes have replaced the cartomizer with clearomizers and tanks which hold more juice and produce better flavor. Cigalikes can also be disposable or refillable. Disposable ones are usually cheaper which makes them a better entry-level to vaping, especially if you aren’t sure if you want to replace your tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

The downside of cigalikes is that they have low capacity batteries and cartomizers to go along with their smaller design. This means that you will have to charge batteries and refill the cartomizer more often.

When electronic cigarettes were introduced to the market, virtually all of them were cigalikes and that’s the reason why many vapers refer to them as the “First Generation e-cigarettes”. A few years later someone decided that it’s time for an upgrade and to make them more efficient.

Ego style vape pens – 2nd generation

The ego style electronic cigarettes are probably the most popular type of them all. They are often referred to as vape pens because they look like pens that are used for writing. When it comes to size, vape pens are a little bit larger than cigalikes because they feature larger and more powerful batteries and tanks.

vapepenThe main advantages of ego style cigarettes is the larger tank which holds more vape juice, and larger and more powerful battery that offers more puffs with a single charge.

The ego batteries have 510 connection which means they are compatible with nearly every cartomizer, clearomizer or tank available on the market (cigalikes are mostly limited to cartomizers because of their KR808 threading).

Ego cigarettes are often referred to as the “second generation” e-cigs because they were developed from cigalikes to offer more control and better vaping experience.

Mods – 3rd generation

modWhen everything else becomes boring, experienced vapers often upgrade from vape pens to mods (also called modified electronic cigarettes). Mods were designed to provide more customization options, even larger batteries, and larger tanks.

A mod looks like either a vape pen on steroids (tube mod), or a big cell phone from the 80s (box mod). There’s usually a big box or a tube with an LCD screen at the bottom. This area holds rechargeable or in-built batteries and provides power to atomizer that vaporizes e-juice.

The modding scene began when vapers wanted something more efficient and better than vape pens. This means more power and larger tank capacity which results in more vapor, stronger flavor, more customizable options, and so on.

Vape mods are usually more expensive than egos, they come with a lot of advanced features, and they are mostly not suitable for complete beginners in the vaping scene. That’s why we suggest that you start with egos or cigalikes, so you can learn everything about e-cigarettes before you switch to advanced vape mods.

Which type of e-cigarette is the best?

There’s no best answer for this question. Keep in mind that most vapers own more than one type of e-cigarettes and majority of them don’t stick around the most basic cigalikes for a long time.

Do you already have your own favorite type of e-cigs? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page.