We have already reviewed the V2 PRO Series 3 which it’s undoubtedly one of the best multi functional vape pens on the market right now. However, the Series 7 offers something extra and comes with a few serious upgrades. If you think that the Series 3 doesn’t match your needs, the Series 7 might be exactly what you’re looking for. You are welcome to check our review down below to find why we have rated it as the one of the best multi-functional vaporizers on the market right now.


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V2 PRO Series 7 quick review

The Series 7 is a multi functional vape pen that can be used with with e-liquids, dry herb, waxes, and oils. It’s easy to use and it produces excellent amount of vapor, especially on the highest voltage setting. When we tested it, the 1800 mAh easily lasted a day and a half on the voltage setting. However, we used it mostly with e-liquid and hardcore vaping might reduce the battery life drastically. Especially if you plan to use it with dry herbs more often.

The problem of many multi-functional vaporizers is that they might be great with e-liquids, and terrible with dry herbs. This isn’t the case with the V2 PRO Series 7 because it does everything great. Simply change the cartridge and switch between vaping waxes, oils, vape juice or dry herbs in a heartbeat.

3 designs to choose from 

v2 7The Series 7 looks modern, elegant, and it looks like the Series 3 on steroids. It feel sturdy, well built, and comes in 3 different designs – black, blue, and stainless.

It measures about 5 inches in length (which is about half an inch less than the Series 3), and about 1.3 inches in diameter (about 0.6 inches more than the V3). It isn’t the largest vaporizer out there, but it isn’t the smallest one as well.

How to use it 

If you have already tested the Series 7, you will have no problem using Series 7. Fill the cartridge with your favorite vape juice, press on the power button three times to turn it on, press and hold the button again to start the heating, and you can start vaping right away. However, things get a just a little bit complicated when you use it with dry herbs, but it’s still fairly easy to use.

The power button is quite convenient and responds great. There are three light indicators below it that help adjusting the voltage and temperature settings.

V2 Series 3 vs. V2 Series 7 comparison

The Series 7 is obviously more advanced and offers better performance than the Series 3. It comes with variable voltage and temperature settings, larger and more powerful battery with longer battery life, larger cartridges, and larger oven size for dry herbs. It looks like the Series 3 is no match for its big brother, but the Series 7 has a couple of downsides that you should take into consideration if you have a hard time choosing between them.

The first downside is the price. The Series 7 will cost you about $110 more than the Series 3 which could be a problem if you are on a tight budget. Cartridges are also a little bit more expensive, so the Series 7 will cost you even more on the long run.

The second downside is the size. Although this is a portable and quite compact vaporizer that can be carried around in pockets without any problem, it’s still larger and not as discrete as the Series 3, although it does measure about 1/2 inches less in length. So, it might not be suitable for vapers who don’t want to compromize in size. But let’s make something clear for a moment. You can’t expect to get similar features in a much smaller device.

Check the latest V2 PRO Series 7 price and shipping options through the link below.

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Final thoughts 

Overall the PRO Series 7 is an excellent multi functional vaporizer that does everything great. It’s especially popular among medical marijuana who want a single device for vaping marijuana and e-liquids.

 User reviews 

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The Series 7 is a multi functional vaporizer with quite impressive capabilities. It can be used with e-liquids, dry herb, waxes, oils, and the best thing about it is that it does everything great.