The V2 VERTX is one of the latest items from the V2 product line and it has already created quite a boom in the world of e-cigarettes. It’s one of the technologically more advanced compact e-cigarettes on the market and we believe that it lives up to the hype very easily.

It looks very elegant, it’s simple to use, and it produces quite good vapor for such a compact device. It’s suitable for beginners who are looking for something easy to use, and for all vapers who are looking for a small, but compact vaping pen.


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V2 VERTX quick review

The VERTX Plus series was launched in June 2016 and it has quickly made a boom in the vaping community. We aren’t used to find highly advanced features in smaller “cigalike” devices, but V2 have done a really great job to produce a small and compact device with high-tech features, great performance, control, flexibility and value for the money.

Although their features are quite similar, the VERTX Plus costs $40 more than the VERTX, but we believe that it’s worth every penny. The Plus model offers adjustable voltage settings (3.5, 4, and 4.5 volts), and additional two cartridges.

The 420 mAh battery seems average on paper, but thanks to the advanced engineering and circuitry, it has the longest battery life of any micro-cig on the market right now.


vertx-plus-mini-ecigThe VERTX e-cig looks like nothing else on the market right now. It’s sleek, modern, compact, and it has a built-in LCD screen with touch screen controls. It’s actually the first micro-cig in the industry with a touch screen and we hope this trend spreads on other mini cigalikes as well.

Unfortunately it’s only available in one design at the moment (black). However, we have seen some pictures around the web that made us believe that it will be available in several other designs as well in the near future.

How to use it

Most beginners in the vaping scene are looking for something as easy to use as possible. The VERTX Plus cartridges and charger are magnetic, so there’s no need for screwing and unscrewing anything. Simply insert the cartridge, press on the power button three times and the device is ready to produce vapor.

The Plus kit comes with three pre-filled cartridges, so you won’t mess around with filling them on your own. Each one contains 1.2ml of e-liquid which seems like nothing. However, these cartridges provide up to three times as many puffs per cartridge as the V2 Classic prefilled line. To put this into perspective, you can get about 650 puffs per single VERTX cartridge.

Another cool feature is that the VERTX can be used while it’s charging. Most of use know the feeling when battery runs out when you were just about to vape, so this is a great feature that is incorporated in several other V2 products as well.

Check the latest V2 VERTX price and shipping options through the link below.

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Final thoughts

We all agree that the VERTX Plus is one of the best mini e-cigarettes on the market right now, but it does come with a couple of downsides. While pre-filled and non-refillable cartridges are convenient, they can cost more money on the long run compared to refillable ones. The VERTX cartridges come in pack of 3 ($14.95) and each one should last about 650 puffs on low voltage setting, so you do the math.

Overall, the VERTX Plus provides an amazing bang for the buck. The advanced touch screen is the first of a kind on a micro e-cigarette device and we hope that the trend will spread among other manufacturers as well. Who knows, maybe future e-cigarettes will have WiFi connection as well. Can’t imagine why, but the future is always full of surprises.

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Mini-cigs and cigalikes are the most compact vaping devices on the market. But because they are so small, they are usually not packed with highly advanced features and they don't offer superior performance. The VERTX line of e-cigs from V2 might change this for ever.