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Are you looking to start your sub-ohming journey with an easy to use vape pen that's smaller than sub-ohm mods? The VaporFi Vice might be your perfect solution.


The sub-ohming scene used to depend completely on mods developed by private individuals as a hobby in their basements. But since it started becoming more popular, big manufacturers like VaporFi decided to collect their piece of the pie, and sub-ohm vaporizers for beginners came into the market. The VaporFi Vice is a great sub-ohm starter kit that delivers exceptional performance and huge clouds in a small vape pen format. It’s perfect for beginners who want to start their sub-ohm journey, but don’t want to deal with adjusting voltage and other settings because the smart technology of the VaporFi Vice does it all by itself.


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VaporFi Vice Review 

If you are new to the sub-ohming scene, take notes. The VaporFi Vice is an easy to use sub-ohm vaporizer that couldn’t be more suitable for beginners. It features a long lasting 2200mAh battery, great vapor production. It measures less than 6 inches in length, so it’s quite compact in size unlike majority of other sub-ohm vaporizers on the market.

The 2.5 mL e-liquid tank is easy to refill and provides exceptional airflow control. It costs less than $80 at the moment and it comes equipped with two atomizers and everything you need to start vaping except e-liquid. Additional atomizers come in packs of five and they cost about $15.


vaporfi-viceThe first look on the VaporFi Vice made us impressed. It looks elegant and we like the fact that VaporFi decided to use the tube shape instead of box shape that is usual for sub-ohm mods. The whole body is made of stainless steel (except the pyrex glass) that feels sturdy, quality built, and we’re sure that it’s built to last for quite some time.

The tank comes in same finish and it has a window, so you can always check the e-liquid levels. The window is made of pyrex and it’s probably the only thing on this device that doesn’t feel as sturdy as a rock.

How to use it 

Sub-ohm vaporizers usually require quite a lot of practice and skills to operate safely. However, VaporFi have decided to make a sub-ohm device that is safe to use and eliminates the user factor almost completely.

You don’t have to adjust the voltage settings for instance because the Vice smart technology automatically recognizes the coils and adjusts the voltage setting accordingly. The only thing left for you to adjust is the airflow.

Overall, the Vice is quite easy to use. Simply fill the e-juice, screw the tank on, turn it on, and start vaping.

Check the latest VaporFi Vice price and shipping options through the link below.

Check the latest price here


Final thoughts 

The VaporFi Vice Starter Kit comes with one 2200mAh Vice battery, one Vice sub-ohm tank, two additional atomizers (1.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm), one AC adaptor and a USB charger. It comes equipped with everything you need to start vaping, except the e-liquid.

It might now be suitable for vapers who want to have everything under control like voltage settings, but it’s primarily designed for vapers who are looking to upgrade to something more powerful compared to smaller vape pens and cigalikes. If you are an advanced vaper, you will probably rather look for something from the VaporFi VOX Series.

Overall we would rate the VaporFi vice with a solid rating of 4.7 of 5 stars. It could be ranked higher, but the VaporFi recently launched quite a few similar vaporizers with more advanced features that are suitable for more advanced vapers.

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